Introduction of the Association

Founded on April 24, 2018, Inner Mongolia Construction Machinery Industry Association is a social organization that undertakes government-entrusted services, information exchange, industry self-discipline and consulting services。Now has 29 companies to become members, has a sound system and positive culture of the association, the organization is complete and reasonable, and after full run-in, has a strong strength。 The group is the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region construction machinery Industry Association is a local, non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by the enterprise units of the construction machinery industry in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region。 The purpose of the association is to serve enterprises, governments and users, and promote the development of China's construction machinery industry。The mission of the association is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of its members,Reflect the wishes and requirements of members,Coordinate intra-industry relations,To implement and implement national laws, regulations and policies,Formulate trade rules and contracts,To put forward policy suggestions on promoting the development of the industry,To assist the government in macro-management of the industry,Conduct the preliminary work of industry development planning,It acts as a bridge and link between the government and enterprises。 Industry self-discipline:Construction machinery information registration number license issuance, establishment of information database, tail gas emission investigation, construction machinery inspection and evaluation maintenance operation certificate and other personnel training, emergency relief supplies deployment, emergency rescue equipment information registration and establishment of database, promote the construction of emergency rescue team, emergency rescue personnel training, construction machinery economic operation, enterprise development and other aspects,To reflect the views and requests of enterprises to the government,Provide advice and services to the government in formulating policies and industry planning。 The association is closely connected with enterprises and users,Actively serve enterprises and users,A lot of work has been done in planning, information, statistics, product development, marketing, organizational structure adjustment, user service, quality, consulting, price and so on,In the future, we will also establish extensive contacts with foreign industry associations and enterprises,And for our enterprises to introduce foreign capital, introduce advanced technology, carry out international technical cooperation and exchanges, improve the economic benefits of enterprises and product quality has made due contributions。